Top 10 places to pick up a rich sugar daddy in Melbourne

Top 10 places to pick up a rich sugar daddy in Melbourne

Top 10 places to pick up a rich sugar daddy in Melbourne

When it comes to whom we like to date, we are all very different. Some women love younger men, some like men who are slightly or much older than them, and then there are those women who love to date sugar daddies.

If you are a young woman living in Melbourne, who would like to date a sugar daddy, where are the best places to go in Melbourne to find your sugar daddy?

Sugar daddies are not your average guy-next-door; they hang around only in special places when they are not shut up in their offices, working to make more millions.

If you want to meet the successful professionals, then hang out in places nearest to their offices. High-class pubs near lawyers’ or doctors’ chambers are likely venues, since busy people rarely venture far from their workplace.

Melbourne is known for its thriving bar scene, from rooftop delights to hidden gems.

Here is a list of the 10 top places to pick a rich sugar daddy in Melbourne.

1. Melbourne Sugar daddy site


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2. The Lui Bar – CBD


In a lofty location that towers 55 floors above the city, Lui Bar offers you everything from delicious bar food like caviar and oysters to attentive table service, plush seats and an extensive cocktail list. You’ll find your sugar daddy hanging out with his business friends.

3. The Long Room – CBD


A study in sophistication, this stylish bar is the place to see and be seen. The décor is opulent, the clientele well heeled and the cocktail list anything but understated. You’re sure to find your sugar daddy in a place like this.

4. Club 23 – CBD


Tucked away in the Crown Towers complex, this prestigious bar screams luxury and class. This venue attracts the upmarket Melbourne crowd, among them your sugar daddy.

5. Atrium Bar


This glittering champagne bar is the ultimate destination for lovers of bubbles, with over 20 varieties on offer, alongside plenty of Australian and international sparkling wines. Who else enjoys this ultimate luxury other than a sugar daddy that knows the finest things in life… 

6. Fall From Grace


Here you uncover a world of plush armchairs, warm glowing chandeliers, walls lined with books. Tucked down a secret staircase, this European-inspired cellar bar is a little bit mischievous and a whole lot classy. Find a world of well-curated drinks list, lots of intimate booths and gorgeously gilded fixtures to accompany your own fall from grace. It’s exactly what a refined sugar daddy would like to go, to experience old-world elegance and excess.

7. Siglo – CBD


This smart little rooftop cigar bar overlooking Parliament house is where all the ‘big shots’ like to rub shoulders while enjoying boutique beer, whiskey or wine. A magnet for sugar daddies who are rich and ambitious. 

8. Transit Rooftop Bar

8Perched above Federation Square’s iconic Transport Hotel, this rooftop bar is for the smooth operator; dressed to impress. The rooftop vibe helps will ensure you make the most of the inner city views that stretch out along the Yarra River. Lap it all up while enjoying a boutique brew, some swanky champagne or a custom-made martini. Yet, another fine Melbourne venue that any sugar daddy would love to spend time in.

9. Luxury spa resort


What better way for a successful, executive sugar daddy to de-stress, than to take a day off at the spa? Why not visit a luxury resort, which offers exotic massages and relaxing treatments and you and may come across someone rich and available.  One choice is to head to the Crown Spa Body Treatments.

10. Charity Dos


This is another popular venue where the rich and successful people meet. Where they support one of their favourite causes and also be seen if one is to make a mark on the social scene. Dress your best, as it is likely that you will find that sugar daddy you have been looking for.