Best bars to meet rich single men in Melbourne

Best Bars to meet rich single men in Melbourne

Best bars to meet rich single men in Melbourne

In the age of hook-up apps, sugar daddy sites, it’s easy to forget about the art of the pick-up. You know, the old school talking-to-someone-at-a-bar thing we used to do before technology.

If you are an old fashioned girl who enjoys a challenge and despite your sugar baby profile, you want to see how you fair with the old school meet someone at a bar.

Or if you scored a date on a sugar daddy site and want to suss your date out, these Melbourne bars are one of the best places for it.

We’ve provided the list of places where you’re most likely to get lucky and meet a rich single man in Melbourne.

1. Ms Collins


With a glitzy Champagne lounge, cigar room known as Silk Road, VIP booths, R’n’B nights and a rotating menu from hot Melbourne chefs, this is a venue where party and fun are on the menu.  The crowd is varied but with so much to offer you’ll sith your rich single Melbourne man.

2. The Alchemist


The Alchemist does best is cocktails. The walls are painted and papered in gold, and the furniture is a baroque clutter of ornately carved armchairs, chaise lounges and long red-and-gold upholstered couches. The lighting is permanently turned down low, and candles burn in large elaborate candelabras encrusted with wax drippings.

Go on Wednesday to catch a magic show, on Tuesdays and Thursdays enjoy a live Jazz performance. The Alchemist is the perfect place to meet your rich single Melbourne man

3. The Lui Bar – CBD the-lui-bar-melbourne-sugar-daddy

In a lofty location that towers 55 floors above the city, Lui Bar offers you everything from delicious bar food like caviar and oysters to attentive table service, plush seats and an extensive cocktail list. You’ll find your rich single Melbourne man hanging out with his friends 

4. Prudence


Comfy booths, heavy curtains, an open fireplace, kitsch lamps and an impressive chandelier make up the bottom floor. There’s also a beer garden out the back, with plenty of seating. It’s perfect to head to when you meet your rich single Melbourne man and you want to chat a bit.

5. Polly


 The plush, boudoir-inspired interiors were made for ladylike lounging, with deep leather armchairs, is a very feminine. However, it’s not all fluffy and feminine, the There’s a strong cigar focus, complete with a well-stocked humidor, tasting notes for your chosen puff and a dedicated smokers’ courtyard out front. Polly’s is where you’ll fine your rich single Melbourne refined man.

6. Transit Rooftop Bar


 The rooftop bar has stunning views of the city that stretch out along the Yarra River. In this relaxed vibe and some champagne and custom made martini, you are sure to find your rich single Melbourne man taking time out or getting started for a great night out.

7. The Emerson


 What makes the Emerson a great place to meet rich single Melbourne men, is it’s three levels of different speeds. Meet someone on the dance floor or at the bar and duck off into one of the many little nooks or head to the rooftop for somewhere out of your friends sights!

8. Cushion Lounge


Cushion located in St. Kilda, gets cranking and the crowd is always lively and mingling! Everyone’s here for a big night meaning it’s the sort of place where you’re likely to meet someone fun and since it’s a posh suburb you are bound to meet a rich single man. The best thing about this bar is that it’s always open late meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities!

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