Where to meet hot girls in Melbourne

Where to meet hot girls in Melbourne

Where to meet hot girls in Melbourne

As we can probably agree, meeting girls when you’re out on the town isn’t always an easy task, more of a guessing game if you are not sure where they like to go out to. Knowing where they like to hangout will help.

Here to answer all your prayers and make the whole deal a little easier, we’ve rounded up Melbourne’s best venues for meeting hot girls.



This is a girl magnet with its plush, boudoir-inspired interiors, which were made for ladylike lounging, with deep leather armchairs, chaises longues and swathes of velvet, all adding to that female touch. However, it’s not a feminine, there is courtyard out front where cigar connoisseur can indulge.

Polly is sure bet for meeting hot girls in Melbourne.

2. The Toff in Town


The Toff in Town is one of the swankiest, with a private booth bar to the left of the stairway and the excellent band space to the right.

Where there is music and dance you are bound to find the girls. This is a great venue to go watch, meet and chat hot girls in Melbourne.

3. Madame Brussels


This rooftop retreat delivers a chichi garden-party vibe with jugs of cocktails. As you know girls love their cocktails, especially when served in an atmosphere where pink seats and sun umbrellas are plenty.  Meeting hot girls on Melbourne couldn’t be easier.

4. Prudence


Comfy booths, heavy curtains, an open fireplace, brassy lamps and an impressive chandelier. There’s also a nice beer garden out the back, with plenty of seating. It’s perfect for slipping away and chat your hot Melbourne girl.

5. Ms Collins


With a swanky Champagne lounge, VIP booths, R’n’B nights and a rotating menu from hot Melbourne chefs, what a party place. Champagne, music and great food will draw in hot Melbourne girls and meeting them is a question of you being there.

6. Bodega Underground


Bodega Underground is a gritty-cool basement bar that riffs of the spirits and street foods of Mexico. Girls and tequila make for loose and lively late-night drinking and easing the conversation for your chance to meet the hot Melbourne girls.

7. Bar Ampere


Wee-hours drinking and dining in this busy inner-city bar is a popular spot for hot Melbourne girls. Notorious for their love of herbal liquors this is an ideal bar for dates.

8. Romeo Lane


Classic cocktails are available on request, along with mocktails. There’s no snobbery, and dietary requirements are catered for, this is a detail any girl will appreciate. With this appeal it surely draws in the Melbourne girls who enjoy food, drinking and good company.